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Future Grandpas Gonna Have Tatted Up And Pierced Looks In This Way!!!

FUTURE GRANDPAS This guy here. Wish I knew who this guy was. His photos have gone viral and most young men with swag are predicting that this is how their future look will be like as grandpas…Lol!

If you’re a beer-drinking, pot-bellied young man…forget it…nothing for you. But if you’re a health-conscious, fitness-loving man with a great sense of style, then you might just stand a chance to look this hot in your 60s and 70s.

Dear future grandpa, the time to start looking like this is now!


I saw this image earlier with a caption about future grandpas, and someone claimed he was in his thirties made up to look older.


He’s actually 47. His name is Alessandro and he’s an Italian model.


Like Nick Wooster, Alessandro is the man you wish your boyfriend would dress up like sometimes.



He’s such a dapper gentleman. If possible, my beard fetish is stronger then ever now.



Pushing fifty; selfie game too strong.



Before he became the face of many print ads, Alessandro is actually a sculptor and a graphic designer—which explains him winning this web thing.

8He showed everyone on his Instagram the progress he made and soon after, caught the attention of fashion bloggers, fashion brands, and the rest of us who are simply drawn to his silver hair and those tasteful tattoos that match his majestic beard.


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